About Man IIYAMA

Man IIYAMA is a photographer who concentrates on between nature and human equipped with technological tools. He is good at taking advantage of light which is an essence of “photo-graphy”. The influences from contemporary art, IIYAMA makes conceptual works using his photos as well.

Artistic Vitae

2000 Graduated from Sophia university, Tokyo(Diplom of Phylosophy)
2001 “Printed Colors(Green-Proto Type) ” Museum of contemporary art Tokyo(Tokyo wonder wall award)
2002 “Printed Colors” Tokyo metroporitan government office
2002 “Life-Size” Funabashi municipal gallery
2002 “Urayama” Shinjuku Nikon salon
2002 “’My’ Album” Sipral gallery(EPSON color imaging contest)
2002 exhibition at Gallery Le doco
2003 “Urayama” Osaka Nikon salon
2004 “2500 Vending Machines” Generous Miracles Gallery, NYC
2004 “Printed Colors(Green-Proto Type) ” Tokyo metroporitan museum of contemporary art
2005 “physique #0048” Ginza Towa Gallery(Prints21 grand prix)
2005 “physique#0003,13,47,49” The ART BOX Gallery
2007 “spiral” Gallery Cosmos
2008 “drops of light” Fuutaba Garo
2008 “drops of light” Tokyo photographic art museum(New cosmos of photography 2008)
2012 “bloom in a flash” Shinjuku Ganka Garo
HOHphoto by kumadaiworks